How far along? 21 weeks

Baby is the size of: a pomegranate

Maternity clothes? still using the BeBand almost all the time…but I finally ordered some Gap maternity stuff (can’t wait to get it!), got a beautiful sweater when I went to a consignment sale with Dan and Courtney, and some leggings, a top, and cute swimsuit for Italy at Kohl’s.

Stretch marks? nope 

Sleep: struggled to fall asleep a few nights this week…..so annoying. This morning I was very uneasy about missing my alarm and kept leaping out of bed every five minutes. Ugh! I really feel like I need more sleep though…Zzzzzz

Best moment this week: going to the chiropractor! Wow. It was amazing. He adjusted me and then I had a lower back and neck massage. Then I laid on a massage table with warm compresses on my lower back and neck – it was heavenly! It totally helped the pain I was beginning to have in my lower back.

Have you told family and friends? Yes!

Miss Anything? energy, being able to sleep on my back

Movement: more and more! whenever I stop moving, I begin to feel lots of movement. I even felt what seemed like the baby turning over or some other large movement. Albert felt the baby move for the first time today! (Aug. 18th) He said it was like a “thump” 

Food cravings: licorice! The Newman’s Own sour cherry flavor is so good. I read about apple cider the other day and REALLY wanted some warm in a mug, and hot tea with honey as the days have been cooler.

Anything making you queasy or sick: not anything specific, but I found out this weekend that if I get up too early without having enough sleep the night before and then I don’t eat a protein rich breakfast – I will feel a little queasy all day. Yuck.

Gender Prediction…..I think girl. Al thinks boy…We will find out Wednesday!!!!!

Have you started to show yet? yes! A bump is here and growing!! I feel like I am definitely more bumpish this week! Albert noticed too.

Labor Signs: nope

Symptoms: indigestion, lack of energy, lower back pain (not any more thanks to my awesome chiropractor), a random foot cramp?

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on, but they felt a little snug on Monday! Yikes!

Weekly Wisdom: Buy yourself those maternity clothes, even when you are hesitant or don’t want to spend the money yet. But also look for items that aren’t technically maternity, but will work. I find that anything that is labeled maternity is like double the price. But if you hit a sale at the Gap like I did – you can make out pretty well!

Looking forward to: Wednesday we are finding out the gender of our little one! So excited! and sharing with our friends and family the gender.

Milestones: The baby’s digestive system is developing and manufacturing meconium. That is the tarry black substance you will find in his/her first diaper! Fun…