How far along? 22 weeks

Baby is the size of: a papaya

Maternity clothes? using the BeBand alot…but my Gap maternity stuff came and it is awesome!! The leggings are super comfy, the shirts are fabulous, and I still have to figure out if the jeans fit right or not. But wow – what a difference to wear something that is made for my bump!

Stretch marks? nope 

Sleep: definitely craving it…..sleep has been good though. 

Best moment this week: getting our anatomy ultrasound (Aug. 21 – I was 21 weeks and 3 days)! And finding out that we are having a little GIRL!! Super excited. She had a heart rate of 158, and everything measured great. Her leg length measured ahead a week! Haha! Go figure with how tall we both are! And she weighs about one pound.

Have you told family and friends? Yes!

Miss Anything? energy, being able to sleep on my back, feeling as flexible 

Movement: yes and I love it! At our ultrasound our little baby was moving around and very active! The tech had a hard time getting a few pictures because of it. I said, “well her father bungee jumps, so what can you expect!?” And Thursday night (Aug. 22), I actually saw my stomach move with the kicks! So cool. What an amazing thing to watch.

Food cravings: still digging licorice. Yum! Hot tea with honey, yogurt with maple syrup…

Anything making you queasy or sick: not anything specific, just need to eat consistently.

Gender Prediction: Our little baby is a GIRL!!!! So excited!! We already had her first name chosen (for a few years now!)….now to decide on a middle name…

Have you started to show yet? oh yes! 

Labor Signs: nope

Symptoms: indigestion – wow it is getting crazy! Major lack of energy, crazy stretching pain – lower ligament perhaps? But yikes! It is uncomfortable!!

Belly Button in or out? in, but flatter than before….

Wedding rings on or off? on, but they felt a little snug today (Sunday, Aug 25)….

Weekly WisdomAt your ultrasound, ask your ultrasound tech lots of questions! Why not? Enjoy knowing and understanding what part of your little one you are viewing on the big screen!

Looking forward to: Being able to share with our friends and family the gender. So excited!

Milestones: The baby is now sleeping in cycles – about 12-14 hours per day.