October 26th was my baby shower. So many wonderful people came together to support us and celebrate with us. It was unbelievably and wonderfully overwhelming to feel such love and care. We are ever so grateful and blessed to have so many dear people in our lives.

Albert helped in so many ways to set things up, make shutter board displays, keep the tent heater going and many other varied chores. My sweet friend Christine worked tirelessly for weeks to organize, plan, set up, and create a beautiful atmosphere for us to enjoy. My dear, awesome Mom got the cutest favors, brought the most delicious scones, cooked and prepared food for days beforehand, and worked like crazy to get things ready. My lovely Auntie sent so many beautiful goodies for the candy and tea bar and wonderful ladies from my church made adorable mason jar apple pies, muffins, delicious soups, and my friend Kirsten made the most gorgeous ruffled cake!! Those that attended were so very generous and kind. I am blessed beyond measure. Thanks to all of you for making this day so special for me.

And thank you to my sweet sisters-in-love for capturing these photos! I treasure each and every one of them:



Melissa Propst Baby Shower Photobooth-133usa trip vid 6532

How far along? 31 weeks

Baby is the size of: a pineapple

Maternity clothes? Yes! Enjoyed using a few regular sweaters this week though! Options are nice at this point. And I definitely need some more pants! If they weren’t so pricey….

Sleep: Having a harder time falling asleep. But I could sleep all day!

Best moment this week: My baby shower! Oh I don’t even have words for how beautiful it was! So many people helped to make it wonderful. Albert did so much to set everything up and get things ready, Christine poured hours into planning, set up, and decorating, and my Mom worked tirelessly cooking, preparing food, and got the cutest favors! Aunt Kim even sent candy and tea for the candy/tea bar. So many family and friends came to celebrate and spend the time with us. It was such a blessing. And the generosity of everyone in giving us such beautiful things for Olivia was overwhelming. We are so blessed!

Have you told family and friends? Yes!

Miss Anything? energy, sleeping on my back, not feeling achy…

Movement: Oh yeah! It is so fun to feel her moving around. More elbows and I can feel either her head or her bottom pressing outward at times.

Food cravings: Yogurt with raisins and maple syrup, and I was wanting chai too…..but that could have been that I saw it sitting on my counter ready for the baby shower all week!

Anything making you queasy or sick: not too much…


Have you started to show yet? Definitely!

Labor Signs: nope

Symptoms: Lack of energy, low stretching pains, indigestion especially when I eat something strongly flavored…

Belly Button in or out? in, but flat.

Wedding rings on or off? on

Weekly Wisdom: Try to get to bed early if you can possibly help it! It is harder to get to bed these days, but I need to make a point to just lay down anyway.

Looking forward to: Going through all of the wonderful gifts that people so lovingly gave us at the shower. I can’t wait to organize everything and wash all of her clothes! Nursery decorating too….!

Milestones: Our baby is going through major brain and nerve development. Also eye development – her irises now react to light. All five of her senses are now working!