About a month ago, I was out admiring my little garden and observing how well it was doing compared to this past year. The beds were full, lush, and bright vibrant green. I was especially pleased with my green beans, as I had none last year. The very next day, probably only 12 hours later, I found that my green bean plants had been viciously mowed down to the stems. All of those lovely green leaves were gone! I was sorely disappointed, but determined to find some sort of solution to the problem……..deer.

Since living in our current home, which is much more rural than our last place, we have discovered the wide variety of wildlife in our backyard. Rabbits, birds, wild turkeys, and deer.

At the moment we don’t know exactly how we would go about putting up a large fence, so I wanted to try other methods. I used an entire bottle of Liquid Fence a while back, but the heavy rains we had soon washed that away.

Then a friend shared with me an odd little tip: set Irish Spring soap out in the garden to deter the deer.

Huh? I thought.

But you know what, it seems to work! I bought a three pack of the stuff (quite strong smelling I might add – especially for my heightened pregnant olfactory senses). I cut one bar into three sections with a knife, set each one into a dish or plastic bin and placed it among my green beans.


I routinely watch deer walk through the backyard – so they are definitely still around – but they have not touched the green beans. I even have new leaves, blossoms, and some early beans on at this point!

I can’t say that this is a miracle cure-all, but all I know is that it worked for me. Give it a try and see if you have any success.

P.S. After a rain I make sure that I pour off any water in the soap bins so that they don’t fill up and run into my garden soil (Irish Spring flavored green beans…no thanks). This also helps to keep the little soap bars from becoming a mushy mess.