I really do. Iced tea in the summer, hot tea in the winter….and don’t even get me started on chai tea!

I love how it is not only tasty, but comforting. And I love to wrap my hands around a warm mug and just sit and savor while chatting with a friend.

Now you may be thinking….it is August!!….What is wrong with her? I know, I know…..but keep in mind that most hot teas can easily be chilled!

For quite a few years now, I have been ordering herbs and other natural foods from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They have so many wonderful items that we regularly enjoy: virgin unrefined coconut oil, bulk herbs, dried elderberries, shea butter, tea infusers, loose leaf teas, etc.

A while back, we made the switch to primarily loose leaf tea. The superior taste and quality were noticeable right away, but it was also a good feeling to support fair-trade and pesticide free operations.

John Gallager from Mountain Rose Herbs says, “Making a tea with loose herbs is way less expensive, way more flavorful, and better for you than just buying a box of tea. You also get access to tea blends and organic herbal quality that never even enters a regular old grocery store. Better quality means a healthier tea.”

Mountain Rose Herbs has an extremely wide selection of organic, fair trade loose leaf teas: black, green, white, red, chai, and herbal blends. We have been quite pleased! The teas are fabulously beautiful as well:

Hibiscus High Tea

Peace Tea


Some of the teas we have purchased have been: Hibiscus High Tea, Happy Tummy Tea, Peace Tea, Easy Day Tea, Red Rooibos Tea, Assam Tea, and Firefly Chai.

Here are my thoughts as to the taste of the ones we have tried….maybe it will help you out if you are in the market:

  • Hibiscus High Tea – a complex taste, fruity, floral, citrus
  • Happy Tummy Yea – smooth, light minty flavor, soothing, not over-powering
  • Peace Tea – absolutely delightful, chamomile is the main player here, but it is subtly surrounded by a light mint and lavender, very smooth (My favorite!!!)
  • Easy Day Tea – unique taste, smooth, a “green” flavor, light citrus and mint
  • Red Rooibos Tea – deep, rich, velvety, yet not at all overpowering
  • Assam Tea – strong, rich, dark, malty (Albert’s favorite)
  • Firefly Chai – mellow, yet traditional chai taste without the caffiene

There are many, many more teas, blends, and varieties to choose from at Mountain Rose Herbs. I hope if you are struggling to find a good resource for organic, fair-trade, loose-leaf tea this has been helpful to you. Enjoy!